Sir-Gains-A-Lot "The Silver" Drive Pedal

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Sir-Gains-A-Lot "The Silver" Drive Pedal
Sir-Gains-A-Lot "The Silver" Drive Pedal
Sir-Gains-A-Lot "The Silver" Drive Pedal

The Overdrive tones after editing the Gain Ratio inside the SirGains

Editing the Gain Ratio of the two gain stages inside the SirGains

The tones I got after setting up the Trim Pots inside the SirGains

Showing what the Trim Pots control inside the SirGains

    I've used a lot of different overdrive/drive pedals over the years and got good tones both on the road and in the studio. Even with these good tones I always felt like they came at a cost and was never fully satisfied with the outcome. Some of them sounded great but only by hitting the front end of my amp with a boosted signal which would also increase my overall volume. When I tried to turn the output of the drives down to a lower usable level my tone would get small or would clean up too much and no longer have a good sustained drive tone. Others would color my tone too much. They would have a good midrange sound but would make the lows flabby or too small, or when I tried to get more top end it would be brittle or grainy and just not sound usable. I also got tired of the matching game where "this pedal" only sounds good with "this guitar" through "this amp" in "this room" and any other option sounded bad. It got frustrating that I could never achieve the tone that I was searching for.

    Through all of the frustration I was inspired to create a solution. So, I started on the road of developing the Sir-Gains-A-Lot.

The tone goals that I had were;

1) To be able to dial in anything from a clean to high gain tone that sounds thick and great at any output or amp volume.

2) Have a great basic tone but also have usable controls to finesse the tone to work with any setup.

3) Make it easy to use, inspiring to play and be a fun addition to any pedalboard.

    With the Sir-Gains-A-Lot I believe that I have accomplished these goals and more.

    The Sir-Gains has 5 knobs to dial in all of the tones that you need. The TopEnd knob controls what might be called the presence. I have voiced it in an upper range to control the "sparkle" of the tone. The Scoop knob sounds like a "wide mids" control. Turning it down will give you a wide smooth tone and turning it up will give you an upfront, punchy, crunchy tone. The Gain knob controls the drive of the pedal. With it you can get a clean tone, crank it up and get a sustaining high gain tone or dial in anything in between. The Boost knob controls the makeup volume of the pedal. It works in conjunction with the Volume knob. The Volume knob controls the over-all volume of the pedal. So, if you run into an instance where one of the tones that you have dialed in might be or sound like its at a lower output than your other tones you can turn up the Boost knob to get an equal output. You can also use the Boost knob to boost the output for solos or parts that need to be at a louder volume.

    Along with the 5 knobs there are 2 soft-touch pushbutton switches. The Sir-Gains is a true bypass, fully analog drive pedal. It is controlled by digi-pots so that the tones that you dial in can be saved as presets that will be recalled whenever you push one of the pushbutton switches. Whichever pushbutton switch you press, its LED will turn on and its preset will get loaded. If you push that button again the pedal will bypass and that LED will turn off. If you had pressed the other button it would load that preset and alternate to that LED.

    To save your own preset, push one of the pushbuttons switches to un-bypass the pedal, turn the knobs to get your desired tone and then hold down that pushbutton switch until that LED blinks. The knob positions are now saved to that pushbutton until you make changes and save a new setting. All the knob positions except the Volume knob can be saved to a preset. Since the Volume knob controls the over-all volume of the pedal it can't be saved to a preset.

    The Sir-Gains has the regular Input and Output 1/4inch jacks but it also has an extra jack that is used to add additional presets. If you plug in a momentary switch using a mono or (TS) cable you can add one more preset. You can also plug in 2 momentary switches using a stereo (TRS) to 2 mono (TS) cable to add 2 additional presets. These switches function the same as the pushbutton switches on the Sir-Gains and can have presets saved to them in the exact same way.

    This pedal can only be powered by an external 9VDC source where the inside pin is negative.  It has no 9V battery plug inside.  This pedal DOES NOT come with a power supply.

    Thanks -BomesElectric

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