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Pedal Of The Day review of the Sir-Gains-A-Lot
    Overdrive effects are, let’s face it, everywhere, and in order to stand out from the crowd, you’ve got to do something pretty special. The crew over at Bomes Electric has done just that with today’s featured pedal, the Sir-Gains-A-Lot, a dual preset boost overdrive that sings with amp-pushing flash and gorgeous sustain. Extremely user-friendly and a cinch to program, this pedal is perfect for the beginning of any pedalboard…
    The parameters boast more control than a lot of overdrives on the market, allowing for simple and quick setting of your tone, but with the ability to really get the sound you’re after. Top End lets you set the overall tone, while the Scoop knob gives you the chance to dial in the perfect amount of mids to make your signal sing. Gain, Boost and Volume round out the control section, supplying the necessary circuitry to provide you with a great range of sounds, from a sparkling clean boost to some down and dirty amp-driving distortion.
    Now for the meat of this beauty – the Presets. Un-bypass the pedal, set your parameters, hold down either soft switch until the LED blinks. Done. Since each side is independent, you can have all kinds of tonal mixes, from a boost and drive to a low drive and mid-drive to slightly dirty boost and higher-gain settings and beyond. Plus, since it’s so easy to set and program, you can change it up on the fly in a live setting, making it a great tool for adjusting to whatever the gig and crowd are throwing at you on any given evening.
    Touted as an overdrive and first-stage amp in one, Sir-Gains-A-Lot brings the thunder, but in a classy and clean way. You pretty much set it to the amount of dirt you want, then that exact sound goes to your amp, and you adjust the overall volume to taste for a perfect pairing of sounds. If you’re looking to cut down on the number of pedals on your crowded board, but don’t want to sacrifice any options or tones, you need to check out this pedal now. Cheers to Bomes Electric for a unique and fun addition to the massive world of overdrives – we love it when something like this comes around that shows just how many other options there can be when designing and creating an excellent guitar pedal.